Ponè was born in the western suburbs in the summer 1985. He discovered graffiti in the 2000s while watching the graffiti pass along the train line for Paris.
At first rather observant, discovering the tag with a simple marker, he quickly took a liking of spray paint, for larger and more colorful graffiti.

It was around 2006 that graffiti took an enormous place in his life, spending his time in Paris, due to legal walls during the day, less authorized excursions at night. Following numerous meetings, a close-knit team is created, group memberships too, AOC then KSF, NAM and VMD.

Ponè tasted on all supports; walls, blinds, trucks, trains, metros, in France and abroad (Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Eastern Europe…) After having done some paintings, as well as some exhibitions, he quickly returned to the basis: real graffiti.

Today quieter, he still enjoys colorful walls during the day, and remains on the lookout for a night out.

Photo credits : Ponè