Cannibal letters

Originally from Paris, graphic designer and passionate about drawing, Cannibal Letters started in 1999 under several pseudonyms before really asserting themselves in 2010 under this name.

At the center of his work is typography, his passion, but also a world of comics and illustrations in which he finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

With him, letters are eaten with all sauces and without moderation. On all possible supports, from drawing to canvas, from baseball bats to motorcycle helmets, of course on the walls.

His artistic research is indeed focused around the letter that he raises to the rank of main subject in his work and that he uses in all its forms without excluding the addition of illustrative elements such as characters or other objects of everyday life to complete his universe.

The letter alone is no longer the only excuse to produce, he also tries all the techniques. Acrylic paint, spray paint, graffiti to screen printing, or even scenography like at LAB 14 and REHAB 2 while trying to develop his work on each project.

Photo credits : Cannibal Letters