Young Franco-Spanish artist, BEBAR started graffiti very early. At 16 he became a member of the NSK Crew and decided to sign his paintings not with lettering but with a cartoon character expressing disgust.

His artistic approach would later be defined as a clever mix between street art and academic touches, due to his studies at a prestigious Parisian national art school.

Thanks to this dual approach, he was able to create an easily recognizable personal style that he likes to call Bebarbarie and thus participate in the major renovation project of his hometown Vitry-sur-Seine alongside Stew, Meushay and C215.

In 2013, he joined the MAC Crew and settled as a yearlong resident at the Narvaland workshop alongside Kongo and Colorz.

In 2014, it was in the WIB Crew that he took his place and painted alongside Frez and Shiche.

Attracted to New York, the cradle of the culture he loves so much, in 2015 he obtained an ERASMUS International scholarship allowing him to follow part of his studies for 6 months at La Parsons School. There he met “old-timers” like Sonic, Kister, Ink176, Ree, Frank, Nest … Leading him to join several New York crews like the MSK TNG ROA and BAD crew.

Photo credits : Bebar