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Looking for an unusual tour of Paris ?

Visit Paris and experience the city as a local !

Famous for its cultural heritage, Paris is also known as the European cradle of Hip Hop culture.

Far from the classical artworks hung in museum walls, you will discover the city of light with a contemporary sight.

Background is an alternative tourism project, based on three single and immersive experiences, to discover Paris through the angle of hip hop culture.

How It Works

Discover Paris

via hip hop culture


Meet artists

in their context of creation

Bring to light one of the most significant artistic movement of our century and reveal it through its artistic expressions : Graffiti, B-boying, Emceeing and Deejaying.

Via the access to a community of urban artists, Background celebrates the quality of creation and the enthusiasm of the parisian artistic scene which have been fitted this culture in all its shapes and forms. Pedagogical and playful aspects are combined in an intimate setting, in order to give reading clues for deciphering this culture in its diversity.

Discovery, meeting and creation:

Discover Paris side 2, in a way the classic tourist has never seen. Meet graffiti artists, musicians or dancers who provide a direct mediation and deliver the work in progress of their practice, within their context of creation !

Explore new exhibition formats, share the artistic dna of this culture, allow the meeting and the exchange between the audience and the artists are our main purposes.


Street art tour in Paris


meeting with a graffiti artist

Tourist and local people, curious and passionate, Background invites you to discover the city of light with a fresh eye and reconsider your daily life background through a new relationship with urban contemporary art.

In small group (10 people max), enjoy a three-hour graffiti journey to discover Paris side 2 and meet a graffiti artist in his studio or directly in the street for a live painting.

Discover one of the districts of Paris through its common history with urban arts. Crisscross the streets and avenues and let yourself be guided by the artworks which have been marked on the epidermis of the city for more than 30 years.

From graffiti to street art, passing by vandals interventions, Paris gives to see a real open-air museum ! These productions from international artists diverge by its techniques, supports, scales and messages.

In a friendly atmosphere, Background unveils codes and values for you to get some reading keys for deciphering this culture in its wideness.

Enjoy a two-hour urban walk planned and led by a curator, expert in commercialization and dissemination of contemporary artworks, and especially a great lover of this culture and his city.

Explanations, anecdotes, valuation and issues of this discipline will be explained for you to know more about its birth and its expansion in Paris.

As its ephemeral essence, each visit is a unique experience organized according to the latest achievements.

The street art tour ends with an encounter with a graffiti artist in his studio or in the street. The « writer » shows the « work in progress » of his practice, within his context of creation and deliver a direct mediation to the audience. The creators themselves give you understanding keys by conveying their history and their passion for this culture.

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Meet hip hop dancers


attend to a battle

This three-hour experience invites curious or passionnate of hip hop dances to meet a crew of B-Boys in the intimate setting of a training session in one of the best dance’s spot in Paris.

The aim of this immersion is to discover this artistic discpline in contact with performers who explain the history, the development, styles and techniques diversity.

Power mooves, uprock, freeze, will no longer have secrets for you. At the end of their training session, B-Boys will take the time to answer your questions and transmit their passion.

Afer attending to a training session, you will be immersed in the electric universe of a dance battle event.

Thanks to this invitation to one of the best hip hop dances contest, you will be at the heart of the artistic performance where transcendence and sharing are keywords.




Masterclass in studio

& Invitation for a music event

This three-hours experience invites you to discover Hip Hop music through two exhibition modes.

For the first hour, lights on creation and production with an invitation to meet a musician artist (DJ, beatmaker, MC, Human Beatbox…) who delivers a masterclass in recording studios.

Come and discover how musical creation, composition and mix take place. Scratch, drumline, cutting… Become the privileged witness of this musical creation in a novel context to get an intimate sight and hearing clues from the artists themselves.

Following the encounter with a musician artist, you will be invited to one event of the hip hop music scene in Paris.

Concert, live performance or jam session will be our dop-off points to conclude this musical experience.



DiscoverSeeListenMoveWelcome to Background Paris

— Underground Art Tour —

The Project

About the story.

I am Hugo, a 28-years-old parisian and a great lover of hip hop culture and my hometown.

I used to work in contemporary art galeries and as curator.

With Background, I decided to put the light on the most contemporary artistic movement and to celebrate the enthusiasm of the parisian artistic scene.

Looking for a genuine format breaking with the monotony of the traditional exhibition ways and above all, where the artwork selling is not the final aim ; Background is also a willing to unveil Paris off the beaten tracks and to support local artists by offering an innovative showcase.

Dedicated to foreigners, out-of-towners and parisians, Background intends to promote the «Grand Paris» area by showing off its artistic identities and to offer an original exhibition format of the hip hop culture.

The first motto : propose an exclusive sight on an artistic universe, in an intimate context.

A pass for behind the scenes to access an unusually-viewed working environnement to allow the exchange with the artists.

Think the encounter as the main ingredient of your trip in Paris. An experience you will remember.

The idea is also to reinforce the effort of mediation around hip hop culture by giving the floor to graffiti artists, musicians and dancers who convey their history, technique and passion…

The ambition of the Background experiences is to offer reading keys about hip hop culture, directly delivered by artists who put us in the confidence of their work in progress.


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